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Turning Good Students into Great Leaders!!  If your student is interested in a career in Military, Fire, Law or would like to increase their Leadership skills, give us a call at (760) 949-9202.

Mission Statement

Summit Leadership Academy - High Desert (SLAHD) is dedicated to instilling high standards of integrity, ethics and behavior while pursuing high academic standards.

News & Announcements

Christmas Vacation
We'll be on vacation from 12/22/14 - 01/09/15. School will resume on Monday, January 12th. This is also a minimum day, so school will be let out at noon. Enjoy your vacation!
Saturday School
If your cadet has missed any days of school, they'll need to make up their absence by attending Saturday School. Check the Calendar to see when it's offered. Cadets need to arrive by 8:00 a.m. and attend all four hours in order to have one day of absence made up. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Sisson in the front office at (760) 949-9202.
Clearance Sale!!!
We have Extra Large Summit Grey Sweats, Large Grey Sweats, 3X Sweats, Black Jackets and Small Blue Summit PT Shorts for only $5.00 each!! Buy them for your cadets, friends and family! Get them before they run out!
First Week
Wondering what your cadet was up to our first week of school? Check out the pictures under "News" at the top of this page. "First Week 2014-2015"
Attn. Parents/Guardians - This is just a reminder that if your child arrives late for school, you MUST come into the front office to sign them in or send them in with a parent note. Also, "personal" reasons are no longer a valid excuse and will be noted as an unexcused absence. If you have any questions, feel free to give Mrs. Sisson a call in the front office at (760) 949-9202.
Dress Code for 2014/2015 School Year
Cadets are REQUIRED to have their blouse and cap embroidered with their last name. Scrub N Up will embroider the unform they currently have, $7.00 for your cap and $10.00 for your blouse. Please plan ahead. It is strongly recommended to have 2 sets of uniforms.
Donations to Summit
If you would like to donate to Summit Leadership Academy, you can find the link under "Parents". Click on "Sponsorship & Donations" and you will be able to donate through Paypal or, you can drop off your donation in the front office. Donations go towards Student Awards, Field Trips, and more. Thank you.
Summit Now Accepts Credit Card Payments
Want to use a credit card to purchase class shirts or buy a Prom Ticket? Summit now accepts Credit Card Payments. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Please see Mrs. Brandner in the office to make a credit card payment.
Target ~ Take Charge of Education
If you use a Target Debit or Credit Card, you can sign up for their "Take Charge of Education" program and have a percentage given back to Summit Leadership Academy. Sign up below. It's free to sign up!
School employees generally lock up the campus at 3 p.m. For safety reasons, your child should not remain on campus or on the perimeter of the campus when it is closed. Therefore, it is important that you pick up your child in a timely manner or make other arrangements for the student's transportation that day. If you need to get a message to your child regarding a change in transportation, you may call (760) 949-9202 before 3:30 p.m. and we will make every effort to notify the student - or failing that, to call an individual listed on the student's emergency contact list.
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Principal's Message

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff of Summit Leadership Academy, it is with great pride and enthusiasm that I extend this greeting.  I would like to begin by personally extending my gratitude to all Summit Leadership Academy parents and guardians for allowing us to take part in the lives of their children.  We consider it a privilege and an honor to be given the opportunity to have a positive impact on the life of all our students.

The entire faculty and staff of Summit Leadership Academy are dedicated to the success of each of our students as demonstrated through our commitment to excellence.  We take great pride in meeting our collective vision, which is to prepare all of our students for post-secondary life by maintaining high standards of integrity, ethics and behavior while pursuing high academic achievement.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as the Principal of Summit Leadership Academy.  I look forward to having a long rewarding relationship with you and your family. 

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Activities Calendar

Christmas Break
Date: 12/22/2014
Christmas Break
Date: 12/23/2014
Christmas Break
Date: 12/24/2014
Christmas Break
Date: 12/25/2014
Christmas Break
Date: 12/26/2014
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