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All classes and activities have been canceled for the remainder of the year in response to state and federal orders. Please see our Facebook page and announcements below for updates..............Summit Leadership Academy Announces the California Cadet Corps at the JH and HS.

News and Announcements

School pictures

If your student would like to order school pictures, please contact Olson Photography at (760) 961-9000 or you can email them at, or visit their website at
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IMPORTANT! UPDATED 8/17/16 New Bus Route & Times 2016-2017

Please be aware of our new bus route and times that will take effect on Monday, August 22nd. **The Johnson Road bus stop has been canceled until further notice. Phelan families may use the Baldy Mesa stop in the meantime. Here is the new route schedule:

Morning pick up
Apple Valley - 6:10 AM
VVC - 6:20 AM
Mall - 6:40 AM
Wal-Mart - 6:52 AM
Baldy Mesa - 7:05 AM
School - 7:22 AM

Afternoon drop off
School - 3:10 PM
Baldy Mesa - 3:27 PM
Wal-Mart - 3:40 PM
Mall - 3:52 PM
VVC - 4:12 PM
Apple Valley - 4:22 PM
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Parent/Guardians Email

If you would like to receive additional communication through email, please click on the "Contact Us" link above and send us your email address. Thank you.
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Alumni Directory

Calling all alumni! Please take a moment to register in our Alumni Directory. This information will be maintained confidentially and will be used to notify former students of exciting events and opportunities here at SLAHD.
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If you're interested in carpooling for the 2016/2017 school year, please email Ms. Luna through the faculty link above or give her a call at (760) 949-9202 and she'll add you onto the list. Thank you.
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Attn. Parents/Guardians - This is just a reminder that if your child arrives late for school, you MUST come into the front office to sign them in or send them in with a parent note. Also, "personal" reasons are no longer a valid excuse and will be noted as an unexcused absence. If you have any questions, feel free to give Mrs. Sisson a call in the front office at (760) 949-9202.
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All Calls

If you're not receiving Summit's All Calls, please give us a call, email us or stop by the office to update your phone number. A lot of valuable information is given in these calls, and we don't want you to miss it. Thank you.
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