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All classes and activities have been canceled for the remainder of the year in response to state and federal orders. Please see our Facebook page and announcements below for updates..............Summit Leadership Academy Announces the California Cadet Corps at the JH and HS.
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Sisterhood of SLAHD Program

Hello ladies, 
We are offering a course for all female cadets throughout the length of this school year. Our first group will be of 20 lower class women (9th and 10th). Permission forms will be given and must be returned prior to the start of your course. We will keep you informed of when you will be able to participate. 


Hi everyone, 
I am collecting all work done with subs each day as they are turned in to the sub. All grades will be updated by Tuesday, 9/6/16. 
Thank you for being patient as we transition this year. 

Hello, wonderful students!
As the year closes, if you are not happy with your homeroom grade, you may bring me a grade printout with a parent signature before tomorrow afternoon.
This will replace one of the zeros in the gradebook.

Cell Phone and Chromebook Usage

Due to the abuse of cell phones and Chromebooks in the classroom. Students have been informed that any use of cell phone will result in it being confiscated.

Assignments involving typing will need to be finished by students at home. If a student does not have a computer, they may utilize the student one in the front office before/after school and during break and lunch.
There are other outlets for students to type their work, the public library is one option.
If an assignment requires a typed and printed paper, use your time wisely to get it accomplished.

Upcoming Events and Items Needed

Hi everyone,
We have two big events next week and need some things from each of you.
1. For our Cinco De Mayo Cookout, please bring a Mexican dish to be served. The more the better! Let me know (with parent permission) by Friday 4/29 what you can bring! Including plates/ plastic ware and napkins.
2. Mother's Day Dinner, we need pictures of you and your mother!!! E-mail the pictures to me or Mrs. Garcia :) We also need sandwiches, sides, drinks and plates/ plastic ware.
We will have a signup sheet on Friday 4/29 to discuss this.
Let me know if you have any questions.

The California Student Showcase Competition

Online Entry For The California Student Showcase Competition Is Now Open
This prestigious statewide student competition celebrates the best in California youth projects and offers divisions for students ranging from kindergarten to community college.
Showcase your skills and build your resume while competing with students from across California. Entry for the California Student Showcase Competition closes April 27.