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Congratulations to the Class of 2017!  We're so proud of you!


Welcome to the SLAHD AVID Webpage
Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the list of attached AVID documents and feel free to download and print as needed.
Parent involvement becomes increasingly more important as your child advances through high school and prepares for their college and career pathways.  Each year, there are many opportunities for AVID parents and families to participate in informational events, fundraisers and field trips.  Parents who are interested in chaperoning events and/or driving students to field trips must follow SLAHD's parent volunteer approval process.   
Some of our annual activities/fundraisers include:
  • SLAHD AVID Site Team Meetings
  • AVID Parent Nights
  • AVID Fundraisers that require food/snack donations
  • Summit's Family Movie Night
  • Summit's Fall and Spring Skate Night
  • Annual College Field Trips
  • Annual AVID Private Party at Knott's Berry Farm in November
  • AVID Senior Recognition Celebration
  • more to be announced throughout the year
***Please note that AVID students with C's or better in all classes are eligible to attend field trips***
AVID parents who are interested in information about AVID activities throughout the year are welcomed to fill out this online
AVID Parent Survey:
What is AVID?
For information and student success data for our AVID Region, please visit
Advancement Via Individual Determination, AVID, is a k-12 program that prepares students typically categorized in the academic middle for admission to a four-year college or university.  This college and career readiness system is implemented in elementary through post-secondary grade levels and is designed to increase school-wide learning and performance.  The AVID program accelerates student learning, uses research based methods of effective instruction, provides meaningful and motivational professional learning, and acts as a catalyst for systemic reform and change.  We are committed to academic excellence and will do our very best to ensure the potential of our students are brought out to the best of their ability.

The core component of the AVID Program is the AVID elective class, which supports study skills, focused note-taking, time management, writing and research skills, while being immersed in a college-going culture.  The AVID elective provides weekly tutoring sessions that are led by college students/peer tutors that provide support for success in their academically rigorous course curriculum. Additionally, the AVID class provides access to information about colleges and universities through career and college research, guest speakers, college tutors, SAT practice and testing, scholarship opportunities and college admission requirement information.  Students are also highly encouraged to begin their college coursework through concurrent enrollment at Victor Valley College.

AVID recruits students who are motivated to do well, who are serious about their academic future, and who may be the first in their family to attend a 4 year university.   Admission is generally based on grade point average, behavioral records, attendance records, teacher recommendation, an application and an interview.  If you feel that you or your student would benefit and take advantage of this program, we encourage you to apply.  Please complete the online application which requests information about your background and family to help us better know you and your circumstances.

Application process:

1. Students may complete the online AVID application.
2. Student applicants will be notified of when they will participate in an interview with site team
3. Student applicants will be notified of acceptance/denial into AVID program
4. Students school schedule is changed to include the AVID elective class

If you are interested in the AVID program, complete the online application and our site team will review your status for enrollment into the upcoming semester.  
AVID Student Application:
All information shared on this form will be used for recruitment and selection of AVID students and will be held confidential. If you would prefer to share this information in person or have additional questions prior to completing this form, please contact Mrs. Garcia.